When life gives you lemons, make lemonade:
flexible seating is an opportunity

Flexible Layout

With DidiDesk, a flexible layout becomes easy. Arrange the desks in groups or separate them apart, in a matter of seconds.  

Learn Outside

Learning outside is a solid option, DidiDesk can be used anywhere, and on all surfaces. It’s unique design allows you to turn anyplace into a desk-like experience.

Outdoors- low.jpg

Bacteria Free

DidiDesk materials do not absorb bacteria and are compatible with all disinfectants, including alcohol.

We know how challenging remote learning might be, DidiDesk was developed so you could use it outdoors or in solitary in small spaces.


The daily routine of Covid-19 is characterized
by flexibility:

DidiDesk is always at hand for kids, and it is compact and easy to store.

Storage folded-2.jpg