How a Lap Desk For Kids Might Be Your Space Saver

In a world where working from home and kids being home-schooled is considered the new “normal”, families have had to adapt. For most families, juggling working from home and ensuring the kids are feeling inspired whilst studying at home can be a challenge. In this article, we will show you how a lap desk for kids might be both your space saver in your home, and the solution to inspiring your child wherever they study.

Small spaces and flexible seating

Flexible seating allows kids to get creative anywhere, regardless of the size of the room. Your child should not be affected by the size of your home when learning.

A lap desk for kids is the best choice if you are looking for a comfortable, relaxed, and fun learning environment. It’s the perfect solution for kids who need a flexible environment to study and get creative in. Whether at school or on their dining table at home, children should not be confined to a standard desk and chair. By allowing for alternative seating options, they can use a portable objects such as a floor desk, which can be placed anywhere; the lounge, bedroom, kitchen, and even have the flexibility to move it outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


It’s challenging for a family to work together in the same space, with everyone having different priorities. Parents require a distraction-free, quiet-zone to ensure meetings run uninterrupted. Kids on the other hand need a space where they too aren’t distracted and have the freedom to learn where they feel comfortable. As a result, storage becomes a big factor: there is no room for everything in a small place, and the concept is hybrid use of space and objects. Therefore, portable or foldable desks are good solutions for hybrid family spaces.

Lap desk for kids

A lap desk for kids not only provides a flexible learning environment, it also offers a great way to save space with its versatile size - great for families with limited space, but also for families with more than one child. Most homes do not have enough space for two, three, or even four desks. Hence, a portable floor desk or lap desk is the perfect solution for kids to take wherever they please; one that is foldable is even better for storage!

Maybe a study group invitation has been extended to your children? They can pack up their floor desk and pop round a friend’s house with no worry of fitting it in the car, or taking up space in their friend’s home. Alternatively, each child can pick a spot in their home and work from there, moving the floor desk around with ease.

Freedom to choose

Let your kids have the freedom to choose how they want to study and get creative. Whether they prefer sitting on a surface like a chair at a desk or table; sit on the floor in their favorite spot; standing at a desk to ensure they keep active on their feet; or even perched on their knees using their own body as their seat, a lap desk gives them the flexibility to do any of these.

Once the day is over and kids are ready for their dinner, play time, then bed, this flexible seating solution simply folds away for easy storage in the closet, under the bed or even the sofa. No longer is there the concern of, “where can we fit a desk for the kids?”.

Over to you

One product that may be your space saver is DidiDesk, a great foldable lap desk for kids. It’s not limited to only study time throughout the school week, as kids can use it for coloring in, drawing, or as a place to rest their snacks whilst enjoying some TV.

Let’s recap how a lap desk for kids might be your space saver today:

  1. Convenient portability so your kids can study wherever they feel most inspired

  2. Impressive versatility to prioritize your kid’s comfort

  3. Enhanced learning by allowing kids to learn where they want

  4. Easy storage for small spaces; closet, under the bed, sofa and more!

  5. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, big or small