Want to take learning outside the classroom? This one lap desk for kids is all you need

There’s a great big world out there, and every inch can be used to help you transform learning outside the classroom. If you’re a teacher or a parent homeschooling your children, carrying educational materials to the outdoors might sound like a nightmare. Where will it all go? How will the kids be able to use it? What about staying clean and tidy?

Luckily, we have the answer: a portable lap desk for kids.

A portable lap desk for kids gives them real-world perspective.

A lap desk designed specifically for children can make all the difference in your curriculum. You won’t be limited to indoor classrooms and compiling visual examples. Instead, you can take learning outside the classroom and give your students real-world examples of the topics you’re teaching.

How does a lap desk make this possible? Children can fold up their desks or simply carry them wherever they want! Parks, forests, playgrounds,—anywhere you can sit, a lap desk can follow. This gives you the opportunity to use the environment as your classroom.

Flexible seating for fast-paced, on-the-go learning. Children need stimulation, focus time, and a recess to play. With flexible seating, you can practice all of those, while taking the classroom outside and allowing kids to sit however they like.

Plus, a portable or folding floor desk is perfect for learning games that involve movement and discovery.

Let’s say you’ve organized a visual scavenger hunt outside and the task is for kids to draw what they see. They can easily race around the area looking for items on the list, and as soon as they find one, quickly use their floor desk, draw the answer, and pack up. All under a minute!

Additionally, a flexible desk and seating set-up allows them to sit in a position that is most comfortable for them. They can sit cross-legged, on their knees, or laying down. Flexible seating for flexible bodies.

Creating an engaging learning environment without all the baggage. One of the nightmarish thoughts we’re sure every teacher has come across is how to keep students situated outside the classroom without losing anything, leaving anyone out, or the “he stole my pencil” scenario. A portable floor desk can provide the answer.

Collaboration is a key factor for any learning environment. With a portable folding desk, students can combine their own working surface to create group tables and work together. Or they can stay separate have an air of privacy when they need it.

Learning outdoors and making it easier.

Between better air quality, real-world experience, and adventure, taking the classroom outside is always a great choice. And now you can do that easier than ever before with our portable lap desk for kids. It folds up nice and neat to stack on top of one another without taking up much space, fits perfectly in any sized vehicle, and–best of all—it’s so lightweight that a child can carry it.

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