Why are floor desks making a comeback?

For thousands of years, humans have sat on the ground in different cross-legged, squatting, or kneeling positions. And, despite the availability of chairs, sitting on the floor is still common in many communities.

It is interesting to consider why various cultures around the world have a tradition of sitting on the ground. Well, research has shown that doing so helps maintain the natural curvature of the spine, improving strength and flexibility. Fortunately, not all Westerners have forgotten about the floor: Children still follow the principle daily!

After learning about the benefits of the floor, it is easy to see why children gravitate towards it. Westerners as a hole are in fact turning back to floor seating, as our improved understanding of ergonomics ushers in versatile floor seating ideas and alternative products like floor desks. In this article, we’ll discuss why this trend is emerging, especially in educational facilities.

Why make the change? Traditional floor seating ideas are beneficial not only to a child’s physical health but also to their educational development. If a child freely chooses the floor as his learning environment, he activates his creative thinking, claims ownership on space, and is more likely to stay focused on given tasks.

Furthermore, sitting straight on a hard seat causes more damage to our lower backs than previously thought. According to an article published by the UCLA Spine Center, “sitting for prolonged periods of time can be a major cause of back pain, cause increased stress of the back, neck, arms and legs and can add a tremendous amount of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs… Besides being uncomfortable, poor sitting posture and workplace ergonomics over time can damage spinal structures and contribute to recurrent episodes of neck or back pain.”

While articles do give tips on the best sitting and posture practices, it would be an impossible task to explain this to young children, much less have them put it into practice.

The solution is simple: offer children more flexible seating options.

Putting floor desks into practice When done correctly, sitting on the floor improves muscle mobility, core development, and flexibility. It can help maintain the natural inward curve of the lower spine, which also improves posture.

To better understand this rising trend, let’s go back to the reason children tend to switch positions and sit on the floor. Diverse movement is natural for the body, and it is something that should be maintained. Children inherently understand this, so they switch positions frequently, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.

In fact, when a child is moving around often, it is not because they are trying to be disruptive, but because they are trying to find the perfect position to maintain focus. Children naturally find the floor to be an optimal learning environment, and by embracing it, we support their needs.

Still, it’s important that, while the child is sitting and working on the floor, their learning needs are being met. For instance, using a floor desk or a lap desk for kids will help the child stay productive for longer periods of time. They’ll be granted the freedom to choose their learning position while maintaining healthy posture.

Benefits of floor desks For starters, a floor desk offers so much more than a flat surface does: it can increase focus, can help improve organizational skills, and teach children about shared and personal spaces.

The nice thing about flexible desks and floor desks in particular is their mobility. It is a known fact that children learn just as much outside as they do inside: teachable moments are all around us, and children are usually the first to spot them. With their inquisitive minds, any environment is a learning one. Fortunately, floor desks ensure that they can bring their learning experience anywhere they please.

You don't even have to travel far to give your child the opportunity to learn outdoors. Go exploring in your local parks, nature trails, or even the downtown cafés. Doing so will keep your child’s education exciting and engaging.

A compelling new solution Luckily, we’re in the era of progress, and always looking for alternative solutions to improve our children’s learning environment. Lap and floor desks for kids are a revolutionary learning solution that offers children the freedom to switch positions without compromising their comfort or concentration levels. So, if you’re hoping to teach your child how to be independent and successful, it’s evident that this is the best way to get started. To see our recommendations, visit DidiDesk.