Your Child Deserves a Flexible Floor Desk for the Ultimate Learning Experience — Here’s Why

There’s no doubt about it: The experience of learning is almost as important as the subject material being taught itself. Whether your child prefers flexible seating or a conventional desk, the ability to choose how they study is crucial to their willingness to learn, retain knowledge, and so much more.

Research has long shown that, when students are granted autonomy and the ability to make decisions throughout their education, they are more motivated and engaged. So, whether you’re a parent or teacher, it’s a good idea to use this principle to your advantage when teaching the child in your life.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get started by offering flexible seating to your student. From floor desk to lap desks for kids, portable desks are a game-changer because they allow the child to choose which position they want to learn in.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate it into your teaching methods sooner rather than later: Portable Desks Keeps Children Active and Engaged Children, like adults, may lose focus if tasked with an activity that fails to capture their interest. Unfortunately, conventional learning methods can be a common cause of emotional detachment for millions of students. There’s a fix for that, though: Movement and personalization.

It’s not fair to expect a child to commit their attention towards a subject when sitting at a desk for hours on end, only moving to lift their pencil or ask a question. In fact, this 2005 study concluded that “regular and purposeful movement” can “have a positive effect on both student engagement and overall achievement.”

With a portable desk, keeping your child moving is easier than ever. Since it opens an opportunity for flexible seating, you can encourage your child to switch positions regularly to remain engaged with their learning. For instance, if they’re tired of sitting at a table inside the house, they can use portable desk for learning outside. The opportunities are endless!

Portable Desks Let Children Lead their Own Education As we mentioned earlier, the ability to shape their education is an essential factor in student motivation and success. Still, many conventional teaching methods fail to consider this. Imagine a traditional school where your child is constantly told what to do, how to learn, and when to move — that’s not very autonomous, is it?

By providing them with a portable desk, your child can flip the script and take their education into their own hands. Though flexible seating may seem like a minor improvement, it can make a world of difference by allowing students to feel like they’re playing an active — not passive — role in their learning experience.

Don’t know where to look? We’ve got you covered: One excellent option that we love is DidiDesk, the portable desk crafted to grant students the autonomy they need to create a personalized learning experience. With a hassle-free and practical design, there’s nothing they can’t do with this amazing new educational tool!