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Encourage happy learning

A flexible desk for unlimited learning opportunities 

DidiDesk for kids



The perfect laptop stand and riser.
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Didi's ergonomic design encourages diversification of postures. Keeping your child active & engaged.


Concentration boost

Help your child stay curious for longer periods of time- DidiDesk improves time on task  by 700%

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Keep it organized

Didi desk defines a designated working area for the learner, and while not in use can be folded up for easy storage.

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The Science of DidiDesk

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Sharon Dor,
Municipal Education Strategist

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Eran Franco,
Senior Physiotherapist

"Having a variety of good postures is the best posture"

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Dr. Tamar Steinberg MD,
Child Neurologist

"Every learner has it's unique style, DidiDesk allows that"

"DidiDesk makes working outside possible for anyone"

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Learn Anywhere

Your kid is curious and hungry to learn, not to be tied to a desk.

Portable and light weight

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Confidence boost 

Improve posture, even on the floor!
Your child is not generic, and the desk shouldn't be either.

50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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Personalized height 

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Adjust the height that best suits your child, in a matter of seconds!

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All-in-One &

DidiDesk is a patent pending tool,
like no other. It allows your child endless posture possibilities. It's unique design allows work in any position, from learning comfortably on the floor to standing.

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